Main Blog Contributors:

Contributors are listed in the order of joining the blog.

Contributor #1: George Chirbas

George conducted research for a number of hedge funds on statistical arbitrage strategies, arbitrage opportunities using commodity derivatives, and optimal execution of equity strategies.

George holds a Master of Financial Engineering from UCLA Anderson and a Master of Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, and also studied financial markets at Stanford University.

George was a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge and a research assistant at the National Technical University of Athens where he delved into advanced optimization algorithms, and portfolio selection methods.

Contributor #2: Garrett Wiegele

Garrett is a graduate of the Master of Financial Engineering program at UCLA Anderson. He also studied Economics and Mathematics at Rockhurst University.

Garrett is a data and quantitative analytics specialist that is currently employed in a west coast firm that is an industry leader in real estate and real estate investment trust (REITs) research for over 30 years.

Contributor #3: Bowen Huang

Bowen is a graduate of the UCLA Financial Engineering program. He is also a dual-degree holder in statistics and business administration from UC Berkeley.

Bowen was on the quantitative research team of a west coast volatility arbitrage hedge fund as well as a small family office fund prior to his UCLA studies. He currently works for a global custodian bank and is located in the east coast.

Contributor #4: Ram Govindarajan

Ram is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, where he earned his Masters in Computer Science. Upon his graduation, he worked as a platform software engineer where he worked on real time and embedded applications on large scale enterprise servers.

Ram also holds a Masters Degree in Financial Engineering from UCLA Anderson. Upon his graduation from UCLA, he worked as a quantitative researcher in a multi billion dollar hedge fund. He is currently working as an algorithmic software developer in an high frequency trading and execution services firm.